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From Bombay Srinivasan

Swami with Students

After the Interview session, Swami walked towards boys
and gave one of the boys, a Camera. Turning to
teachers, He said, “I had promised that I would him qa
camera; I kept up my promise”.  Few days ago, he was
using another boy’s camera. I told him, “You could
have asked Me. I would  have given. Ask Me, I will

Swami then went over to that boy and started
explaining the mechanism behind the camera.
Subsequently He asked  that boy to take His
photograph. Swami asked a boy sitting next, “Are you
jealous?”  The boy replied,” No, Swami”. Swam said,
“No? Not even half-a-teaspoon?” Swami asked another
boy, “Are you jealous?” To which the boy replied-“No,
Swami: “Why”?
Boy: “It is not good”.
Swami: “Yes, it is not good, yet many allow it to
grow. Knowing, it is not good, they allow it to grow.”
(To another boy) “ How many marks will you get?”
Boy: Swami, 75%
Swami: Chi! What about the rest, 25%? It means that
you have spoilt 25% of your paper. It is like this –
If  I give you 100 mangoes, and you say that only 60%
of it is good, that means 40% of it is spoilt!.
Teacher: Swami, boys did not have time.
Swami: What is there! It can be done very easily. “If
your mind is in the  market and book in front of your
eyes, naturally nothing will go inside.  One should
concentrate wholly on the point that he is reading.
Then everything becomes easy.
“When Swami was student, His teachers used to say –
“Raju! You have written so well. Your paper deserves
to get 100%, but the Government rules do not permit
this. Hence we are forced to give only 99%. Left to
ourselves we would have given you 500 out of 100.”
Swami concluded: “ Such was Swami’s papers when He was
a student”!


Swami : (to a teacher): “ Today paper for First year
MBA boys was difficult. Those who did B.Sc., and
Engineering, it is difficult; but for B.Com boys it is
easy because accounts is there. 3rd is the last
examination – rural Development  (II year MBAS/MFM)-
easy paper. Swami has spoken many times about it”

Teacher: Swami, How do you develop so much patience?
Swami (after a pause) “It is My nature”  “Today, I
gave interview for Greek sports people. (Pointing to
ta tall man in the group) He is a world champion in
High Jump!”

Teacher: World No.3, Swami.
Swami: How do you know?
Teacher: I met him, Swami.
Swami: Yes. World No.3. In that group, one lady went
to Moon!. One girl 3000 meters running champion. (Then
Swami called the leader of the group). “See, how he is
coming! Lot of devotion!
“From where you came?
Leader: From you Swami.
Swami: They came walking from Bangalore; each step
chanting “Om Sri Bhagavan Sathya Sai Babaya Namaha”
Leader: Yes Swami.
Swami: For food, what you did?
Leader: Swami, we had banana and coconut water.
Swami: Luggage, how did you carry?
Leader: Swami, no luggage, only one small bed. In the
nights we slept in temples.
Swami; So many sports people are coming from Greece.
Leader: In the newspapers, they write so much about
you in Greece.
Swami: Nodding in approval.
Teacher: Ultimatley everybody has to come to you,
Swami: Yes.
Leader: Swami, Pada Namaskar?
Swami: Why Padanamaskar?
Leader: You are My Lord, Swami!
Swami: Chesko (do)
Tells him to go.
To boys: “See how much devotion, boys!