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Thursday, 21st of September 1995 : Hundreds of millions witnessed live via TV the "Milk Miracle", which happened in Hindu temples and homes all over the world. On that particular day only, statues of Ganesh and Shiva "accepted" the ritual milk offering. Small statues "drank" literally buckets of milk within minutes - milk was sold out in Bombay within hours. The milk dematerialized in front of running TV cameras. A CNN reporter: "Apparently no trickery here... a mass-delusion? Who knows!"

Scientists and magicians tried to explain the Milk Miracle, but could not find any answer that would make sense, mainly because of the singularity of the phenomenon - it lasted for only 24 hours (at some places, however, like the Northridge California temple, it lasted six days)!

On the other side, this can be considered as a very significant sign for open minded contemporarians. Sai Baba was asked, if He was involved in the Milk Miracle. According to postings on Sai Net He stated that He performed it in order to "challenge the rationalists (atheists)" and to "foster the faith of His devotees and the Hindu community."

Appearences of Mother Mary, Mary statues crying blood tears, other paranormal phenomena, like materialisations and medial contacts, but also phenomena like UFOs and Crop Circles. Who has eyes shall see! These signs are warnings and encouragements at the same time, which never interfere with one's free will.

These signs don't appear for the first time: "When Kali Yuga began [5000 years ago], disruptions in the normal course of seasons occured. The idols in the temples seemed to be weeping, lamenting and transpireing. It was like if they wanted to leave." That is being reported by the holy Sanskrit scripture Srimad-Bhagavatam (

In spiritual history of humanity the disappearence of offerings to idols is known since the begining of time. But this Milk Miracle is unique: For the first time since 5000 years the Gods accepted again such offerings in public, for the first time on a world wide scale and for the first time from humans, who weren't qualified. Usually sophisticated yagnas (ceremonies) had to be performed to please the Gods to accept the offerings physically. What is the meaning of all of this?