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A revolutionary scientific approach to the underlying meaning of Holy Scriptures

"One of the greatest scientific achievements imaginable would be the discovery of an explicit relationship between the waveform alphabets of quantum theory and certain human states of consciousness."
Nick Herbert, physicist

This sculpture shows a torus - the primeaval separation of 'inside' and 'outside' within the 'Sea of Oneness' - and a vortex, coming out of the torus' center, broadening while winding up. The totally asymmetric, recursive vortex represents the minimal topological definition of the torus' surface...

...the curious thing is, however, that this generic vortex fits exactly in our hand (latin: "manu", sanskrit: "manusha", "man"), and that its shadow projection in 27 different positions on a plane shows the shape of each of the Hebrew alphabet letters , each symbolizing a "human" state of consciousness! Moreover, the vortex is encoded in the very First Verse of Genesis!

Thus, the key to understanding the underlying meaning of the Holy Scriptures is "at hand"!

The extensive site of Meru Foundation provides detailed information, which hardly any Christian or Jew knows and even thinks about!