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I had to wait for 32 years to get my first interview with BABA. I practically lost all hopes of speaking to HIM in person. But NAMA SANKIRTAN was always my constant companion. But suddenly, on one Sunday, hardly after a few hours of my arrival at Parthi, I was called to HIS presence. My legs failed to move. My eyes shed tears of bliss. Can it be a dream? So I thought. Yes. yes. yes. The call was for me. Others around me helped to take the first few steps. Then I ran towards the interview room. The interview was for about 90 minutes!

In all innocence, I asked Him why I had to wait for 32 long years? With a bewitching smile BABA said that HE had also been waiting for so long because all things happen at the right MOMENT! Desa, Kala and Pravrithi decide the time and place! He said that particular day was His birth-day as per telugu calendar! How blessed I was to meet HIM on the Happy Birthday! He remarked that He had been present in all the bhajans for the last 32 years. Baba said that He had been attending all bhajans I conducted and blessed me in my continuous endeavour!

One among you... Sai Premi