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Gems of the Lord

THE clouds which are formed due to Sun's heat hide the Sun itself. Likewise the mind, which is the offspring of the Atma hides the Atma itself which is the God element in us.


GOOD deeds, like Puja, Japam, Dhyanam, the observance of vow etc., are 'steps'. Good thoughts, like prayer for greater discrimination and more chance to help others, also help. They slowly and steadily cleanse the mind, sharpen the intellect, purify the senses and win grace.


MANY are affected by the problem of what caused the Cosmos. How did it come into being ? They advance various theories and lay down many opposing hypotheses. But there is no need for seekers to beat about the bush so much. Just as a dream results when one is cut off from reality in a state of sleep, the Cosmos is a result of being cut off from Reality, by Maya, in a state of ignorance. It is difficult to discover laws that explain or govern its infinite mysteries.

THE human body is a temple-chariot; the Atman is installed therein and is dragged by emotions, impulses, passions and urges, along the streets of desire. Success and failure, joy and grief, gain and loss, are the dancers who accompany the procession of life. Here, too, many pour their attention only on the chariot, its height, its decoration and its progress. Many others are concerned with the dance of durabilities the pain and pleasure due to that is part of the procession. Few pay attention to the Atman, the crown and consummation of human existence.


THE Lord is described in the Purusha Suktha as "thousand-headed". It does not mean that He has just a thousand heads, no more, no less. It means that "the thousand of heads - before Me - now have just one heart, which gives life and energy to all and that heart is the Lord". No one is separate from his neighbour. All are bound by the one life-blood that flows through the countless bodies. This is the special teaching of Sanathana Dharma, which the World needs. (See Modern Advaita)


THE Lord has endowed man with the body, and so, every limb and every sense is worthy of reverent attention. Each must be used for His Glory. The ear must exult when it gets a chance to hear the wonderful tales of God. The tongue must exult when it can praise Him. Or else, the tongue of man is as ineffective as that of frogs which croak day and night sitting on the marshy bank.


THE entire epic Ramayana hinges on two women and two passions. Manthara representing Krodha (anger, resentment and vengeance) and Surpanaka representing Kama (lustful passion). Manthara plotted to send Rama into exile and Surpanaka caused the abduction of Sita and the destruction of the Rakshasas as a consequence. The two women are insignificant characters in the story; but the roles they play are key-roles, for they sparked off, by means of the passions they represented, strong chapters of pain and grief. Krodha and Kama are more destructive than atom bombs; but when Rama is installed in the heart, they just fizzle out.


SEE how the insufferable heat of the Sun is controlled and modulated and reduced by your bodily mechanism to the congenial temperature of 98.4 degree F. So, you too should keep the destructive force of your elemental passions born out of the clamour Sabdha, Sparsa, Rupa, Rasa and Gandha rigorously in check and bring it down to tolerable levels, yielding comfort and congenial living. You yourselves create the Maya of which you are the slave. Deny it, a chance to lord over you; it will not harm you.


THE most fundamental teaching of the ancient culture of India is Love. For generations, the youth of this land have been exhorted, encouraged and taught, by precept and example, to love the poor, the helpless, the handicapped, the illiterate and the disabled, for, the same spark of Divinity that is in us is also equally evident and active in them. Education must endow man with this compassion and this spirit of service - intelligent, timely and full. That is to say, education must not only inform but also transform.


THE mind is like a boulder which the intellect transforms into an image, as a sculptor does. If the intellect allows the senses to dictate the design, the boulder will be shaped into a horrid idol. If, however, the senses are sublimated by the spirit, the image wrought by the intellect will be simply adorable. One must have the mind fully cooperating in the spiritual discipline and not obstructing its progress at every step. Liberation is the goal and the mind must help the pilgrim at every stage of his journey. The Mind should not admit any activity that is contrary to Dharma or injurious to spiritual progress.


YOU must realize that the Divine current that flows and functions in very living being is the one Universal Entity. When you desire to enter the Mansion of God, you are confronted by two closed doors - the desire to praise yourself and the desire to defame others. The doors are bolted by envy; and there is also the huge lock of egoism preventing entry; so if you are earnest, you have to resort to the key of Prana (Love) and open the locks, than remove the bolt and throw the doors wide open.


THE day on which Jesus was born is a holy day. He announced himself as the Messenger of God. In fact, all humans are born as Messengers of God. The sole purpose of this human career is to propagate the Omnipresence of God, His Might and Glory. No one has incarnated for merely consuming food and catering to one's senses. Human life is much more precious than that. That is why the capacity to appreciate beauty, truth and goodness has been endowed only on man.


SANATHANA Dharma is the great grand father; Buddhism is the son; Christianity is the grandson and Islam is the great grandson.


MY PREMA towards the Veda is equalled only by My Prema towards Humanity. My mission, remember is just four-fold; Vedaposhana, Vidwathposhana, Dharmarakshana and Bhaktharakshana. Spreading My Greace and My Power along these four directions, I establish Myself in the Centre.


WHAT profit is it for the children to know the length of the Mississippi River or the height of the Vesuvius? Why load them with information they may never require? On the other hand, give them the tonic to strengthen their spirit, the tonic of the Repetition of the Name of the Lord, the tonic of meditating on the Glory of God in the silence of the heart. Formerly, children were learning Rama Nama and the Aksharamala together: "Suddha Brahma Paraathpara Rama". They were taught to read and write. Now, they sing, "Ding dong bell, Pussy is in the well". This type of silly meaningless jargon is spreading everywhere like a poisonous infection, destroying the seeds of peace and joy.


EDUCATION must produce wisdom and moral character. It can be acquired only by hard living and spending days of toil, with no respite even for sleep. But present day education makes those who undergo it mere bonded-slaves to their senses. They do not know how to avoid this bondage, so they revel in envy, greed and egoism. What the country expects and demands from the educated person is, however, that he should set an example of honest labour and light the lamp of knowledge in every home.


WITHOUT mastery over the inner instruments of emotions, no man can be deemed to be educated. The latent has to be cleansed so that the patent can flourish. Experience is essential for the confirmation of consolidation of what is learnt from books. We do not see any sign in the present educational system. There is no attempt to awaken the Divine in Man and awareness of the possibility of rising to the psychic plane.


LIVING becomes a glorious experience only when it is sweetened by Tolerance and Love. Willingness to compromise with others' ways of living and cooperation in common tasks make living happy and fruitful. Certain modes of behaviour have been laid down and proved beneficial by centuries of practice. These have to be observed with modifications to suit the conditions of today. We are developing in each department of life, but it is a pity that we are not developing the unique qualities of human beings. Develop the Atmic awareness, the consciousness of the Divine and the acquisition of Divine attributes. Expand love and understanding.


THE human body has been given to you for a grand purpose: realising the Lord within. If you have a fully equipped car in good running condition, would you keep it in the garage ? The car is primarily for going on a journey, to get into it and go. Then only it is worthwhile to own it. So too, with the body, proceed and go forward to the goal. Learn how to use the faculties of the body, the senses, the intellect, and the mind for achieving the goal and march on.


MAN must proceed ever towards 'Balam' strength; he should not take to untruth, wickedness and crookedness, all of which denote the fundamental fatal trait of cowardice, 'Balaheenam'. 'Balaheenam' is born of accepting as true a lower image of yourself than what the facts warrant. You believe you are the husk. But really you are the kernel. That is the main mistake. All Sadhana must be directed to the removal of the husk and the revelation of the kernel. So long as you say 'I am', there is bound to be fear, but once you say and feel 'I am Brahmam', 'Aham Brahmasmi', you get unconquerable strength.


I WANT that you should all build new houses for happy living and install the Lord therein. I do not mean houses of brick and mortar, but houses of good thoughts, good words, good deeds and good company, where you could live calm and collected. Invite Me for the Gruhapravesam of such houses and I shall most readily agree. In fact then, the house is Mine already and I do not need even an invitation to come and enter it. These houses are for worldly comfort; that house is for spiritual joy. And My place of Residence is the pure aspiring heart.


YOU ARE going about temple, where God is the innermost shrine. The body is not a mass of flesh and bone. It is a medicine for Manthras - Manthras which save when they are meditated upon. It is a sacred instrument, earned after long ages of struggle, equipped with reason and emotion, capable of being used for deliverance from grief and evil. Honour it as such; keep it in good condition, so that it might serve that high purpose; maintain it even more carefully than these brick-houses and always preserve the conviction that it is an instrument and nothing more. Use it for just the purpose for which it has been designed and given.


YOU know from the experience of the Cauvery floods, neither status, nor castes nor wealth nor even health can help unless you know the simple art of swimming. Need I say that crossing the ocean of Samsar, reaching the other shore of the sea of Birth-Death, is similarly possible only for those who know the art of Spiritual Sadhana. Those who are trying to build the seaman community on a foundation of 'Dhana', are building on sand; those who seek to build it on the rock of 'Dharma' are the wise.


THE six enemies of man are eating into his vitals, embedded in his own inner consciousness. They are the demons to be killed. They are Kama (Lust), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attachment), Mada (Pride) and Matsarya (Malice). They reduce man to the level of a demon. They have to be overpowered and transmuted, by the supreme alchemy of the Divine urge. Then the nine nights of struggle will become a new type of night devoted to the purification of the mind and the illumination of the soul, the night described in the Gita as 'the Day of the Worldly'. What is clear and attractive to the ordinary man is uninteresting and unknown to the Worldly man. This is the nature of the topsy-turvy world.


THE six enemies of man are eating into his vitals, embedded in his own inner consciousness. They are the demons to be killed. They are Kama (Lust), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attachment), Mada (Pride) and Matsarya (Malice). They reduce man to the level of a demon. They have to be overpowered and transmuted, by the supreme alchemy of the Divine urge. Then the nine nights of struggle will become a new type of night devoted to the purification of the mind and the illumination of the soul, the night described in the Gita as 'the Day of the Worldly'. What is clear and attractive to the ordinary man is uninteresting and unknown to the Worldly man. This is the nature of the topsy-turvy world.


IN THE past Ages, Avatars rid the world of evil, by destroying the few fanatics and heroes who wrought it. But, now, fanaticism and felony reign in every heart. The number of Asuras or evil men is legion. All are wicked to some extent or other. Therefore every one needs correction; and every one has to be educated and guided into the right path. Every being is a pilgrim destined to reach Madhava and merge in Him; but most people have forgotten the road; they wander like lost children, wasting precious time in the bypass.


BHAKTI involves dedication, with nothing held back; not even a wisp of ego should remain. His command alone counts; His will prevails. Like a drunkard, the Bhakta has no sense of honour or decency, pride or conceit. He is a Matha, as Unmatha, a mad person unconcerned with all that is unrelated to his ideal. He is deaf to the call of hunger and thirst; he misses steps in logic and he calculates wrongly while dealing in the marketplace.


WHEN the heart is pure, the Lord is revealed, He is the judge. He cannot be bamboozled. The doctor may assure you that you have no fever, but the thermometer cannot lie. The doctor may say so in order to save you from panic, but the thermometer declares the truth. God knows and God will deal with you as you deserve. Have that faith. Repent for all the wrongs done and resolve not to repeat the mistake; then God will extend His grace.


As the realisation of the truth unfolds, there will arise within, from the heart, an overwhelming desire to serve humanity. Seize that chance when it comes, knowing that by serving others you are also serving yourself and God, for all are one. Service to humanity will also help to keep your mind focused on God and the spiritual path.


When in fear and doubt, pray to Me. Tune in to My mighty Power, which, compared to the power of the sun which I have placed in the heavens, is what a baby's breathing is to a typhoon.


GOOD ideas have to be accepted and bad ones eschewed. Each idea has to be judged in the Supreme Court of Viveka (Intellect). And the ruling has to be treated as inviolable. It is in this context that we have to remind ourselves of the prayer of Ghandiji; 'Sabko Sanmathi de Bhagavan', 'O, God bestow the right understanding on all'.


YOU are the citizens of no mean land. Bharath is indeed a Divya Bhoomi: a land saturated since the ages with Devotion and dedication to God, the path to God was sought for by even the common folk; and spiritual discipline permeated every activity of life and every detail of daily life. You are the inheritor of a great culture, which has survived the onslaughts of alien rule and political suppression.

(N.B.: Bharat is said to be the only remaining country which is not yet in the grip of the "secret world government". Conclusions? It's going to be the future leader of the world, as Sai revealed years ago. "Alien rule"... why do we limit those influences to other countries alone? I can well imagine and it would make great sense, that the whole universe is an interwoven network of multitudes of civilizations).


YOU must devote sometime regularly for study and for Sadhana. Now you are wasting time till late at night, in clubs and frivolous company. A portion of that time, if spent with God, can confer valuable results. This Motherland has given you a culture that is attracting distracted people from all parts of the world. Be grateful, study the culture and practice the disciplines it lays down. Serve the poor and the helpless and those who eke out their livelihood by hard work.


WHEN some one sitting near you is immersed in sorrow, can you be happy? No, it may be that a baby weeps within hearing, most pathetically. You will get tears in your eyes in sympathy. Why There is an unseen bond between the two. Man alone has the quality of sympathy. He alone can be happy when others are happy, and miserable when others are miserable. That is why he is the paragon of creation and the acme of animal advance. Man alone is capable of seva; that is his special glory and unique skill.


STRIVE to move away from Untruth towards Truth; attempt to acquire knowledge of yourself and of the origin of all selves and thus shed your fundamental ignorance. Move away from the thoughts and anxieties about this body subject to decay and death, and become aware of the immortal soul, which you really are.


WHO is the real resident of the body? You are the positive aspect that is activating the negative aspect, the body. The life-breath repeats Soham, everytime you breathe. It means: "I am He, I am God"! What a profound authentic declaration the breath is making every moment of your life while waking, dreaming or in a deep sleep, whether your listen to it or not! If this simple lesson, this Truth which is being dinned all the twenty-four hours of the day, does not alert you or inform you of your real task, how can you understand your reality by the mere study of books.


DO NOT get involved with borrowed ideologies, imported fashions or attitudes or apparels and exciting notions social behaviour. Youth, today is ruined by this fascination for the false. Borrowed ideas cannot fit into the pattern of our Culture. Sanathana Dharma is the Culture that has grown on this soil and is best suited to maintaining peace and joys. You cannot shine in borrowed feathers for long. They can give only temporary delight. So, do not distort or disfigure your culture by limitation or neglect.


I AM neither a Sastravadin nor a Budhivadin. I am a Premavadin. So I have no conflict with either the scholar who adheres to texts or the devotee of Reason. Both have their good points as well as their limitations. If you acquire Prema, than you can dispense with the Shastras, for the purpose of all the Shastras is just that: to create the feeling of 'Sarvajnana Samaanaprema' equal love for all; and to negate egoism which stands in the way.


PILGRIMAGES too are for elevating the heart, sublimating the impulses and leading the lower self to higher levels of thought and action. Reason serves the same purpose, or at least, it ought to. Reason seeks to know the unity of the Universe, the origin and goal of all it all, the laws that govern the anu and brhath, the microcosm and the macrocosm, and it peeps behind the over-recording curtain to get a glimpse of the 'Suthradhara', who pulls the strings.


IT IS only when attachment increases that you suffer pain and grief. If you look upon Nature and all created objects with the insight derived from the Inner-vision, then attachment will slide away, though the effort will remain. You will also see everything much clearer and with a glory suffused with Divinity and splendour. Close these eyes and open those Inner Eyes and what a grand picture of essential unity you get. Attachment to Nature has limits but the attachment to the Lord that you develop when the Inner Eye opens has no limit. Enjoy that Reality not this false picture. The Lord is the Immanent power in everything.


YOU have to carry on certain processes of thought and action in order to get to the hard core of faith that this World is a funny mixture of Sathya and Asathya, that is Mithya in fact. The Divine Life does not admit of the slightest dross in character or delusion in intellect. So people dedicated to it, must emphasise this by precept and example. Wipe out the root-causes of anxiety, fear and ignorance. Then only can the true personality of man shine forth - Anxiety is removed by faith in the Lord; the faith, that tells you that whatever happens is for the best and that the Lord's will be done.


YOU are all Sath-Chith-Ananda Swarupas; only, you are unaware of it and imagine yourself to be this individual or that, and subjected to this limitation or that! This is the myth that must be exploded in order that Divine Life may start. It is the Divine that inspires, activates, leads and fulfils the life of each being, however simple or complex its physical structure may be. From the 'Anu' to the 'Brahath', every single entity is moving towards the estuary where it merges in the Sea of Bliss.


MARRIAGE is for the sake of pursuing dharma. It is not for enjoying worldly pleasures.... The same pleasures are experienced by street dogs. Is that happiness? (SS May 1996 p. 121) To cut it short: Sensual life is Adharma; the spiritual life is Dharma. (SSS VOL. II, chap. 41 p. 238).


BAD THOUGHTS and habits, bad company and bad food are hostile grounds where disease thrives. 'Arogya' and 'Ananda' go hand in hand. A sense of elation and exultation keeps the body free from ill health. Evil habits, in which men indulge, are the chief cause of disease in the physical as well as the mental state. Greed affects the mind; disappointment makes man depressed. Man can justify his existence as man only by the cultivation of virtues. Then he becomes a worthy candidate for Godhood.


BECAUSE you have taken residence in this body, you cannot call the body "I". When you sit here in this Hall, you do not call the Hall "I". You know, you are separate and that you are here only temporarily. When you go about in a tonga, you do not say that the tonga is you, do you? You do not take the tonga inside, when you step down from it on reaching home. So, also, you have to drop this body when you reach "home".


MAN comes into the World, burdened with Maya and its instrument, the Mind. The Mind expresses itself through Attraction and Repulsion, Raga and Dwesha, Affection and Hatred, towards the external World. Raga is Rajasic in its effect and it can be used for one's uplift, as Narada used it to fix attention on the Lord. Dwesha is Thamasic as Durvasa expressed in his dealings with Ambarisha and others. Without Raga and Dwesha, the Mind cannot function at all. If these two are removed, there can be no mind, and no Maya; and you get fixed in Jnana.


YOUR minds are wayward like monkeys that skip and jump from branch to branch. Give them to Me. I can make them steady and harmless. When I say, 'Sit', they will sit; when I say 'Stand', they stand. That is what Sankaracharya offered to do; he told Siva that he would hand over the monkey that was his mind to Him so that it might be tamed and used for his delight. But it must be a complete handing over with no reservations.


THE aeroplane has to land at a certain place in order to take in those who have reserved the right to fly by the tickets that they have purchased. So too the Lord has to come down so that those who have won the right to be liberated may be saved. Incidentally, others, too will know of the Lord, of His Grace and ways of winning it and of the joy of liberation. There are some who deny even today the possibility of air-travel; they curse the contrivance. They cavil at it. Similarly there are many who cavil at the Avatar that has come to save them.


THE motherland is not a mere lump of earth.When we desire its progress, we have to promote the progress of the people who dwell therein. The skill needed for resuscitating and reforming man are found only in students. The reforming process involves the removal in daily living of bad conduct and bad habits and the practise of good conduct and good deeds. A man's worth can be measured by his efforts to reform himself. This day, the Government has no authority to reform the people; and the people have no authority the reform the Government.


THE Karma Kanda is the biggest part of the Vedas, because Karma or sanctified activity is the means by which the tree blossoms and the fruit matures and grows. The Upasana Kanda deals with Upasana, the method by which the fruit ripens, the Jnana Kanda describes Jnana, the process by which the fruit fills itself with sweetness. The first stage takes the longest time. So, it comprises the largest portion; the second and the third are quicker by comparison. So they are shorter. The third stage can be accomplished, even apart from the tree by keeping in a warm place amidst straw or a hot room. [Scientific association with Meru Foundation ?]


MAN can acquire the sweetness of Jnana by keeping himself in Sathsang or even by remaining in a solitary place, all by himself, by Dhyana, for example. But, by whatever means, the sweetness (Jnana) cannot be injected from outside; it must grow from within, it is the transformation of the inner nature won by a struggle with the inner foes.


THE study of the Vedas is the highest type of learning, since it leads to the conquest of Death. All other studies deal with the means of living or the surroundings within which you have to live; they deal with earning and spending, deriving a little pleasure by this trick, escaping a little grief by that other trick. The Vedas show the path of the Realm of Eternal Bliss, where there is no Birth or Death. People learn details about China, Russia and America; they know about the volcanoes of the Pacific or the islands of the Arctic regions; but, they do not know an iota about the features of their own inner realms.


THE Shastras warn you of false steps; they console you in times of stress; and they strengthen you in distress. They give correct interpretations of moral dilemmas. They prescribe the dress, the food, the manner of speech, the methods of social conduct, the mode of mutual behaviour and the lines of onward march. They are the conscience of Society.